Caryn on the Issues


As a small business owner and a software engineer, Caryn knows firsthand the problems that Kansans face each and every day and that is why she supports President Trump’s America First agenda.

It’s time to drain the swamp and get rid of the career politicians that put special interests above American interests.

That’s why she is running to represent the people of Kansas’ 2nd District. She wants to go to Washington to replace Obamacare, secure our borders, cut wasteful spending, and promote true conservative values.


Caryn is 100% pro-life. She believes that life is sacred and deserving of our protection, which is why Caryn is so committed to protecting the life and the rights of the unborn and elderly.

As a Kansas state senator, Caryn has propelled the pro-life movement further by fighting against the use of taxpayer money to fund abortions at Planned Parenthood. She has introduced legislation to end brutal dismemberment abortions, and she has supported legislation that prohibits medical facilities and doctors from referring patients to get abortions.

Protecting the unborn and elderly is a top priority for Caryn and she is determined to advocate for life at a national level. Caryn has been endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony List. 


Our country has always been and still is a nation of immigrants—legal immigrants. Caryn understands that immigration is vital to our country, but immigrants must enter our country legally.

It is not fair to our citizens or legal immigrants that illegal immigrants reap the benefits of our hardworking citizens. While Washington, DC still won’t take action, Caryn passed into law an electronic check for any false information provided on an application for benefits to eliminate fraud and welfare benefits to illegals.  Caryn also passed legislation in the Kansas House to end in-state tuition benefits for illegal immigrants. She takes a strong stance against illegal immigration because it affects every aspect of our nation including our national security.


As a rancher and fifth generation Kansan, Caryn understands the hardships that face farmers and farm families every day. From erratic weather to high taxes and tough environmental regulations, Caryn has dealt with it all.

She also knows that farmers and ranchers from the second district produce food that fills grocery stores around the world. Therefore, it is crucial to Caryn that government not get in the way of farmers and ranchers. After all, agriculture is responsible for 1 in 5 jobs in the state of Kansas.

Caryn has been endorsed by the Kansas Farm Bureau’s Voters Organized To Elect Farm Bureau Friends (VOTE FBF) Political Action Committee (PAC). You can read their official announcement here


Caryn has a proven track-record of working to cut taxes. This year, she helped pass a major tax overhaul in the Kansas State Senate that would stop another major tax increase. She has repeatedly opposed legislation to raise taxes, and she will do the same thing when she is in Washington.

As a small business owner and rancher, Caryn, like most Kansans, knows what it means to live on a budget and she believes the government should too. In Congress, she will fight back against Washington’s out of control wasteful spending and work to reduce our national debt.

Tyson_Website_Fiscal Responsibility.png

As a software engineer for the NASA space shuttle program, Caryn learned first-hand what government waste looks like. This motivated her to become involved in government because she wanted to find better economic spending solutions and reduce our growing debt.

Caryn knows that strong budgets and less government spending would enable the government to cut taxes and give the money back to the people. Getting money back to the hard-working men and women that earn it is a top concern for Caryn.

She has a proven record in the Kansas legislature for fighting waste and abuse.  While many people talk about cutting wasteful spending, Caryn saved tax payers millions of dollars by finding and addressing overcharges and inflated rates being paid by some agencies. Caryn doesn’t just complain, she takes action to get results.


Caryn understands that the key to a strong economy is to create jobs and to cut useless regulations. She hates that government has weaseled its way into every aspect of our lives and it is her mission to get them out.

As a small business owner, Caryn knows the hardships imposed by burdensome federal regulations and she will fight to remove these obstacles and get Americans working again.


Caryn knows how vital education is to the future of our children and to the economic well-being of our country. Growing up attending Kansas schools and earning degrees from both Kansas State University and the University of Kansas, Caryn knows both the challenges and the great resources available to Kansans. This is why making sure that all children in both rural and urban communities have access to a high-quality education is so important to her.

She also understands that education must be affordable. She will fight to ensure that students who work hard can afford quality education.


Caryn will put America first when it comes to our energy issues. She will focus on increasing our domestic energy production and finding alternative solutions to our energy crisis.  She will ensure that we are responsible with our use of natural resources, so that we are proactively addressing our energy crisis every step of the way.


Caryn is a strong defender of liberty and believes that government should not infringe on any of our constitutional rights. Our constitution is what our country was founded on and we will not ignore it in favor of radical personal agendas.

Recently, our first amendment and second amendment rights have been under attack. Caryn will not allow this. She will go to Washington and defend our first and second amendment rights and will oppose any legislation that threatens to remove these rights. 


Healthcare costs are out of control and we know that healthcare is not a one-size-fits-all program. Therefore, Caryn wants to ensure that healthcare decisions are in the hands of the people— not the government. Government should not be able to dictate healthcare options to the individual because government does not belong in the conversations between you and your doctor.

She will work to replace the disastrous Obamacare with common-sense solutions that will lower costs, increase healthcare quality, and increase access to healthcare.


Each day, those in our military dedicate their lives to protecting our freedom. The sacrifices made by these men and women is something that we can never repay, and they deserve better treatment when they return home.

Caryn will do everything she can to support not only our men and women in uniform but also their families who sacrifice so much as well. It’s time to start taking care of our military and veterans the right way by providing them with quality healthcare and the resources they need when they return home.