Letter to the editor: President’s campaign manager picks Tyson

Earlier this year I had the honor of being named campaign manager of President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. For a kid who was born and raised in Topeka this is the honor of a lifetime! Who would have imagined that someone who graduated from Shawnee Heights High School would one day be traveling on Air Force One and working to elect the most powerful man in the world.

Kansas is my home and the home of my family. As I travel the country with our president, I often think about how the values I learned growing up here are the same values I see in President Trump every day: hard work, respect for the military, protect life, and, of course, fight for our farming community...

While the president is fighting for Kansas farmers, you can help too. On Aug. 7 Republican voters in the 2nd Congressional District will vote to choose their nominee for Congress.

Unfortunately two candidates — Steve Watkins and Dennis Pyle — put out materials with a picture of President Trump in them, as though they have been endorsed by the president. In fact, the president has not endorsed them, and they appear to have acquired the pictures without going through the proper copyright procedures.

I have been on record with my personal choice in this race: I believe my home state would be best served by Caryn Tyson. She is a true conservative, having been endorsed by Kansans for Life, getting an A rating from the NRA and, most importantly, she was endorsed by the Kansas Farm Bureau. She will be a great help to the president in Congress.

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