Kansas Leaders Stand with Caryn Tyson against Watkins’ Lies

Parker, KS – In response to the false television ads funded by the Watkins family, lying about Caryn Tyson’s record, Kansas leaders who have witnessed Caryn’s fiscal conservatism and commitment to protecting Kansas taxpayers came to her defense to correct the record:

"Watkins wages war with lies. His bombs missed the target. He will lose the battle against the truth of Senator Tyson's voting record on taxes.  Kansans will not be fooled or bullied by deception.  He will lose that war." - Senator Julia Lynn

“I have served with Sen. Caryn Tyson on the Senate Tax Committee for 2 yrs.  She is the true definition of a Fiscal Conservative. The TV ad by candidate Watkins is not true.  Sen. Tyson voted against Sen. Sub for HB 2019 and against HS for Sen Bill 270.  In addition, she voted against the $1.2 B income tax increase in 2017.  Mr. Watkins claim is the definition of ‘Fake News.’” - Senator Larry Alley

Caryn Tyson did not vote for the tax increase approved by the Kansas Legislature in 2015 as claimed by Kansans Can Do Anything PAC. Rather Senator Tyson worked to prevent that effort. The Kansas Chamber appreciates the work Caryn Tyson does on behalf of Kansas families and businesses. We know she will do the same in Washington. – Alan Cobb, President and CEO, Kansas Chamber of Commerce

"The high altitudes have obviously affected Steve Watkins Jr.'s thinking if he believes Senator Tyson has ever voted for a tax increase. Unlike Mr. Watkins, Caryn Tyson ALWAYS votes and votes conservatively." - Senator Molly Baumgardner

“Senator Tyson has worked hard to keep Government out of your paycheck. She did not vote for any of tax increases you are paying for today. It's your money and she understands how hard you work for it.” - Representative Ken Corbet

"The voting records are clear. In 2015 Senator Tyson voted NO on SB 270 and NO on Senate Substitute for HB 2109 both of which dealt with increasing the state sales tax. Therefore the assertion by Steve Watkins that she voted for that sales tax increase is untrue." - Michael R. Murray, President, Capitol Advantage LLC.

In her leadership roles on the Senate Tax Committee, Senator Tyson consistently worked to advance the legislative process. While she did not vote for or support the underlying bills, she never stifled debate and took the routine steps required for bills to advance. Senator Tyson voted no on the tax bills in question. – Corey Carnahan, Secretary of KS Senate

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