State Senator Caryn Tyson Announces Her Candidacy for Kansas’ 2nd Congressional District

Caryn Tyson, a Kansas State Senator, released the following statement today announcing her candidacy for the Kansas 2nd congressional district seat being vacated by Lynn Jenkins: 

“Kansans want real results in Washington and leadership that reflects their values. My real-world experience and problem-solving skills in technology, business, and agriculture are needed in Congress now more than ever. “

“I’m troubled that instead of truly listening and delivering results, too many in Washington are defending the status quo. Washington has failed us. The people of the 2nd district deserve better. We need to embrace the President’s call to repeal and replace Obamacare, secure our borders, and pass comprehensive tax reform to cut taxes.”

“Insiders in Washington have forgotten how to fight for us – our families, and the average small business. I want to change that. Every generation has a responsibility to apply our founding principles to today’s challenges. This is our turn. This is our time.”

Caryn Tyson has math and computer science degrees from Kansas State and an engineering management degree from Kansas University. After graduating she began working in the Information Technology industry and continued working in this field for more than 25 years. Caryn’s work included space shuttle support for NASA where she received multiple awards for achievement and teamwork.

Caryn also served in the Kansas House and Senate and is presently the Chair of the Tax Committee, one of the most important committees in the Kansas Senate. As one of the leading freedom fighters in the Senate, Tyson earned a 100 percent rating from the American Conservative Union in 2016.

Caryn and her husband, Tim – both fifth generation Kansans – own and operate Tyson Ranch in Linn County, established in 1871 by Tim’s Great-Great-Grandfather.

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Ashley Craig